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Welcome to my website, the online home for The American Plate: A Culinary History in 100 Bites. The site is dedicated to themes of history and all things related to food, from ancient maize to contemporary food trends. Images of gardens, architecture, and art will weave in and out, and guests will make an occasional appearance.

Guest Posts

hmmm, a tasty lunch of laksa is perfect on a rainy day or to get over a rough night. strong curried coconut milk base with a fish or chicken broth base. then add some velvety rice noodles (vermicelli or something akin to dumplings), a few fresh shrimp/prawns, bean sprouts, sliced fish cake, fried tofu, corriander, crushed peanuts and of course a healthy dose of sambal (chilli paste). Delicious! Debate rages as to the origin of it, certainly Malay/Indo/Singaporean. Total cost about $4 SGD for a good bowl. Eaten w chopsticks and a chinese soup spoon ;-)

Charlie O'Connell lives in Singapore. 

On a recent trip to Bangkok, Charlie O'Connell enjoyed local fare and delicious bites.